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History of Punntara

Punntara Botanic Home was conceived as a brainchild of Mr. Peerapong Tanompongphandh. The chief architect behind the Punntara project is a retired politician, an ex-banker, an educator, a loving husband and a father of two. Peerapong's love of living near a river and in harmony with greenery surrounding was realized in 1986 when he purchased this magical plot of land. It then took him another 10 years to design and finish the first architectural drawing. And finally in 1997, he began the construction on the plot.

Punntara is a compound word consisting of Punn and Tara. Punn comes from wisdom, and Tara means river flow. In the Ayutthaya period, the wealth of nation grew from central, northern, and northeastern regions where rice growers were and still are predominant. The rice production and harvest, considered a golden crop and main staple to Thais, then were transferred via rice barges to feed the rest of the country through four main rivers Ping, Wang, Yom, and Nan which merge after one another to form the Chao Phraya river, the river of King, the gateway to the gulf of Thailand and to the larger Pacific Ocean. Contrast to the slow pace of life you will find in Bangkachao, by crossing the river and you will immediately be near the heart of commercial, business, and lively entertainment district of Bangkok.